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Occasions are a part of parcel of human life. In short they are like the happening seasons in every individual life. Starting from birthday, family happiness, progress in individual growth celebration, corporate events, to personal life marriage, anniversary, and child birth celebration to more number of enormous events, celebrations, rejoice and happiness occasions have always been a part and parcel of mankind. We are here as the best largest Event Organisers and planners in India well recognised for its magic potion element to add charm to your events and moments with lots of colour added memories.

To enhance the moments and brighten with lights like glittering stars we the event company in Mohali at the: CITY OF DILWALO, are here to make your special moments more special by redesigning your dreams just the way you want. We are here JUST FOR YOU, to fill and enhance all season of expressions into your hearts for every events your soul vibes for. Just name it, share us and we are here for you always. Mohali a well known place called as the capital of the county India well recognised across various cities and famous with well distinction of the pride of Mohali belongs to the large-hearted/daring people.

We are highly skilled and expertise well known Event management company at India & overseas and have vast exposure to celebrate every occasion whether its HOLI CELEBRATION, WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, VALENTINES DAY, CHILD BIRTH WARMING CEREMONY, ENGAGEMENT EVENT, PARTY NIGHTS, DIWALI NIGHTS, DANDIYA CELEBRATION , GAME EVENTS, COLLEGE EVENTS etc.. we have been into all of them sparking smiles across different cities and vertices of places. Whatever be you dream choice venue, the types of add ons required for an event, the music , the lightings , the ambience just name we have it right away at your event platter as we are the well recognised& known face for any event related engagement at the Mohali city, the historic city of the rulers.

Our event company at Mohali at the heart of the city of our motherland provides all the technical gadgets, the lighting & visual effects, music artists, DJs and accessories ie required for an event to be huge successful. We have enormous manpower to serve you and make your event a mega hit. We believe in the mission and passion of YOUR SUCCESS IS OURS, YOUR HAPPINESS IS OURS.

As an Event Organisers our priority is customer satisfaction and we are dedicated towards achieving it. Our organization consists of highly talented, trained, skilled and groomed employees who know the work as they belong from trained event professional backgrounds. We as an Event Organisers provide prompt solutions to you as per your needs and requirements and ensure you face no difficulties. Our whole staff will put in everything to make your event a success. You can even flaunt the decorations and arrangements and boldly boast about it to every guest.
Thanks for visiting our page and what are you guys and girls waiting for come in, get in touch with us. We are more than delighted to be at your service. Come in we are here to hear you.Have an event plans knocking around your mind, come in contact us and we are honoured to help you out in your celebration times and add sparkles into your heart, soul & minds.